The main colours I used in this abstract painting are yellow ochre, orange, black and white. 


I used my hand to spread the paints over the stretched canvas hoping to begin feeling the painting while playing my favourite music. I do that a lot as I think it helps me to physically touch the paints and begin a new journey not knowing where it will take me.


Beginning the experience of a new journey is always very exciting even though I have no clue where we're heading, but I always know it will be great fun and I look forward to experimenting with the unknown. It's really hard to describe, but the journey touches so many exciting and joyful emotions that brings almost complete harmony to the soul.


In this painting, black dominates all other colours but the firey orange/red shows its strong effect bringing a bit of a balance aided by yellow ochre and, of course, white.

Makes No Sense

  • Title: Makes No Sense


    One off original painting

    Stretched canvas, 81.3x101.6x1.5 cm (32x40x0.75 inch)

    Acrylic paints



    • The images of the painting displayed here in virtual rooms are for reference only and the paiting sizes are approximate.
    • The stretched canvas is not framed. All the edges are finished in white colour.
    • The surface of the painting is coated with varnish.
    • The canvas is fitted with a wire ready to hang.

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