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Colour Psychology - Home Decor

Vibrant colourful abstract painting

Colour psychology is absolutely fascinating but it is still not exact science. Apparently, we share some of the basic emotions that colours make us feel and could affect our moods. Understanding colour psychology could be very helpful when it comes to decorating homes and offices. Individually, most of us know the colours we like and dislike, but choosing colours for interior design requires a deeper understanding of the result of combining different colours in an environment.

So, the next time when you are thinking about decorating your living room, dining room, bedroom, etc. ask yourself the question “how do you want feel in each room” rather than “what colours do you like”?

To me, green and brown are probably the most challenging colours to work with, whether in home decoration or in my paintings. But I saw fantastic rooms using those colours individually and combined with the other colours resulting in a great atmosphere. I suppose the difficulty most of us face is looking at all the colours in the room and realising the overall effect. This might be easier for larger items in the room, e.g. the carpet, curtains, sofa, etc. But I think equally important are the smaller items and how they would fit in the overall theme.

Wall art, paintings, photos, etc. can add a great touch to complement the overall theme of the room. Careful selection of the artwork piece would be necessary, most importantly is to select artwork that you like and gives you a feeling of joy, enjoyment or relaxation.

Like many other wall art, abstract paintings can provide a wide range of different psychological effects and sometimes all in the same one painting. The art of abstract painting is all about projecting those energies. You don’t need to be an artist to appreciate abstract paintings, it’s the combination of colours and shapes and how they all fit in that environment.

Wall art selection plays a big part in creating that atmosphere of harmony and relaxation. Whether you consider colour, theme, style or size, the main point is to select whatever you are comfortable with and brings you happiness.

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