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Art Therapy and Abstract Painting

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Wall art abstract painting

Art therapy is a form of communication and expression using art media as its primary mode. It is used to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing such as behavioural or mental health problems, life-limiting conditions, learning or physical disabilities, neurological conditions and physical illness. Art therapy is used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem and work on social skills.

Art can be used to help people with psychological disorders communicate better, self-expression, overcome stress and explore different aspects of their own personalities.

No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed because the process is not about artistic value of the work, but rather about finding associations between the creative choices made and the person’s inner feelings. The process is more about reawakening memories and telling stories that may reveal messages and beliefs from the unconscious mind.

I find abstract painting is all about the freedom to express anything you want. Its your painting, its your expression and its totally up to you to do whatever you like. No rules and the main objective is to enjoy the process and the feeling of making a piece or art. There is no right or wrong – it’s yours.

Abstract painting is open to interpretation which makes it very interesting to hear people’s views. Everyone will, most likely, have a different view about the same painting and I think you don’t have to understand abstract paintings to enjoy the colours and shapes in the painting. It is a visual communication that talks to different people in different ways. Many people are put off looking at abstract paintings because they can’t link it to anything that is known to them.

Abstract art is an experience of imagination and emotions.

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