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Abstract Painting Makes No Sense

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Makes no sense colourful abstract painting

I have heard many times that abstract paintings don't make any sense. I suppose they probably mean that it doesn't make any obvious sense that we are familiar with.

I titled one of my paintings "Makes No Sense".

Abstract painting is about so many different things, but not familiar objects that we experience and know by our sense of vision.

When we look at any object, our minds very quickly translate that into a familiar object, something that we recognise and understand. A red rose, a yellow sunflower, a blue sky - easy to know what they are. But abstract painting, particularly, non-representational art is something different and the mind struggles to interpret it to the familiar.

From our early childhood, we learn to translate everything around us and give it a description. We use our five senses to become familiar with our surroundings and our world.

In a nutshell, abstract painting is all about the unfamiliar.

Many people find it difficult to cope with unfamiliar environments. But in many cases giving it time, we may become familiar with that environment and begin to see it differently - not necessarily unfamiliar.

To appreciate abstract art but not necessarily to understand it, I look at the painting concentrating on the individual elements of colours, shapes, textures and the overall combination of all the elements in that painting.

You don't have to be an artist to appreciate abstract art or paintings. Abstract paintings are used in many places, homes, offices, public spaces, etc. really to add a beautiful touch to the atmosphere. If you still don't like the painting, that's fine too.

And that's what it is, just a beautiful touch to see or feel.

Does it make sense now?

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