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Abstract Art and ADHD

Updated: Jun 17

Colourful abstract painting

Art can certainly take us on a journey to unknown places that most of us may not be able to realise where and what these places are. I believe abstract non-representational art does that extremely well.

It is the unfamiliar information that the brain receives but continuously attempting very hard to translate such information to the familiar. The brain seeks to interpret the subject to a familiar representational form; shapes that are more familiar. Some of the people who saw my artwork (abstract painting) said; ‘I can see a face there’ or ‘I see a figure of a person’.

The more you look at an abstract painting, the more you begin to realise that it has an effect on your brain, more of an emotion or feeling. But sometimes it can be hard to realise what exact emotion or feeling its given you. Happy, sad, angry or maybe nothing. Is ‘nothing’ a type of emotion?

What ever feeling it gives, the questions in my mind are: a) Does abstract art actually free our minds from the dominance of reality and allow it to touch other areas in our minds, giving different emotions? b) If it does, would it actually help people with emotional difficulty or even learning difficulties as the process of looking at abstract art may enable the exploration of undiscovered territories of the viewers mind!

I’m sure art in general has certain effects on our brains in one way or another and my interest is how does it affect people, particularly children with learning difficulties, ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), autism etc. Can art, particularly abstract art help them to improve? I know there are many researches that have been carried out about this subject and many institutions around the world are using art therapy as a media of expression and communication.

Could we use art therapy as a further dimension to diagnose and perhaps assist with treatment!

My knowledge of the subject is limited, but it is the experience of the process itself in making abstract paintings and the end result which takes me into a fantastic journey of different emotions and feelings which can be difficult to interpret in the familiar sense, except it’s a great joy. Equally important is the different interpretation by different people when viewing my paintings. It is absolutely fascinating and also intriguing to see how different people see the very same painting in different ways. Isn’t that all about life and how we see it different from our own prospective?


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