Abstract painting in action


Abstract painting is a beautiful art that at all times attempts to communicate deeper with our feelings.  Like all other forms of art, abstract painting is a fantastic expressive language and it is actually amazing that a few (what may appear) random shapes, lines and colours can have such an effect on its viewers.  It is like music without the lyrics.

Again, like so many other works of art, not all arts will appeal to everyone.  It may seems a few brush strokes here and there could have been done by a 5-year old, but it isn’t, try it.  I have tried it several times to copy other paintings and I was nowhere close and I have been painting abstract for many years.  The reason is simple.  Each abstract painting is created with feelings, the artist’s own feelings, which I doubt anybody could copy.


My journey with abstract painting began many years ago when I was a child painting water colour landscapes. Later I became fascinated with photography capturing a second in life; frozen in time. Somehow, my interest in art developed to non-representational abstract painting, with the approach of "no rules", "no restrictions" and "the sky is the limit".


Creating abstract non-representational paintings is a big part of my inner feelings and personality. No other activity comes anywhere closer to touching that element at all.  To me personally, it is the ultimate freedom of expression.


Every painting takes me into a journey of unknown experience full of interesting and exciting times until a connection is made with my inner deeper feelings, perhaps reproduced in the colours, shapes and lines that make up the final painting.  That connection could take a few hours or even months for it to click.


The end result is always a great fulfilment, but it does not necessarily mean the painting is complete.  I always believe that none of my paintings are ever finished as one more brush stroke could trigger a new journey.  I always strive to the challenge of non-representational paintings that do not depict anything from the real world, but I do not believe that such a thing is actually possible.


To me, the experience of the process (the journey) itself in creating abstract paintings is the main attraction rather than the end result. It is about letting go of any thought process and just allow your feelings to take you onto a journey of the unfamiliar, for a change.


Colour Psychology and Art Therapy:


For several years now, I have been trying to understand the potential link between abstract art, colour psychology and art therapy.  The aim is to see if abstract art can help people (adults and children) with mental conditions such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, stress, etc. as abstract art is a great visual expression of feelings, ideas, opinions and other forms of communication.


Art therapy is commonly used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem and work on social skills.  Also, we know that the power of colour as a tool can influence mood and physiological reactions, but colour psychology remains subjective and deeply rooted to personal experience and culture.  Perhaps nowadays with the lockdown situation, we may find art/painting a simple tool to release stress.  Here is my brief experience of 100 Days Lockdown at my home in Teesside, England, UK.


The Gallery page shows some of my acrylic abstract paintings for sale.  All original, unique, handmade and painted on stretched canvases of different sizes.  If interested, please let me know and I would be happy to provide further details.


My Blog page includes several articles about abstract painting attempting to shed some light on subjects such as abstract art meaning, what makes a good abstract painting, how to make an abstract painting, making sense of abstract painting, home decor and wall art, etc.  I am also adding other articles about art therapy and colour psychology.


Dancing in Africa

Abstract Painting on Canvas


Title: Dancing in Africa
One off original painting
Stretched canvas, 46x61x2 cm (18x24x0.78 inch)
Acrylic paints
Price: £590.

A mix of vibrant colours including bright yellow, red, yellow ochre, blue, etc. making the painting very lively and full of happy energy.


The colours of summer, sunshine, brightness and optimism and adding a few touches of violet blend in quite nicely conveying a sense of calmness, relaxation,  joy and fun.


Colour psychology is an amazing subject of how we individually feel the effect of different colours on our minds. It remains subjective as it depends on many elements such as personality, culture, etc.


Abstract painting, in my view, is the feeling made up by the different interpretations of the colours effect used in making that painting on our minds. Sometimes it can be harder to feel the visual communication of abstract painting because we normally use our minds not our feelings.


Many studies have been carried out in an attempt to learn more about the meaning of colours and their effect on people's moods and feelings.


Art therapy and colour psychology attempt to use colours for healing particularly for mental health issues and also for general wellbeing. Chromotherapy (colour therapy or colourology) was used in Ancient China and Ancient Egypt.


However, colour meaning remains subjective as it is influenced by several factors including personal experiences and cultures. For example, yellow is known widely to represent energy, happiness, warmth and sunshine. In Japan, yellow often may represent courage.


It is, however, well known that the use of colour in art therapy is therapeutic and can be a powerful tool of self expression. The short article Art Therapy, Abstract Painting & Self-expression briefly explains about art therapy in relation to autism.


I believe that the process of art making and interacting can greatly help people to express their inner thoughts and feelings without any restrictions. Art remains a great expressive language.


Abstract painting is a great way to express your feelings throughout the whole process of painting irrespective of the end result.



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